The friendship between Alicia Alcott and Nikki Merrick began prior to both All About Us and All About Middle School series. 

Alicia & Nikki

Nikki in Holey, Mole-y.

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Alicia Alcott and Nikki Merrick

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First Arc

In the first book, Nikki gives her some of her clothes to Alicia. When new musician student Ryan Frankel arrives to Silver Hills High. Nikki flirted and wooed him, but was crushed when he became interested in Alicia, because of her musical talent and herself.

In Weekend at Alicia's House, Nikki stays over at Alicia's house when her parents go away for the weekend to a doctor's convention. Nikki learns that the Alcott Family lifestyle was much different than her's. Then, Nikki gets tickets to see Gwen Stefani in concert, but Alicia's parents wouldn't let them go on a school night. Plus, Alicia had homework. But Nikki wants to go. So she sneaks out of the house and goes to the concert. The next morning, Nikki returns and is confronted by Alicia's parents. They throw her out of the house and forbid Alicia from hanging out with her. This causes a strain in Alicia and Nikki's friendship. At school, Alicia disobeys her parents and sees Nikki. She explains to her what her parents did. Nikki tells her that it was her mistake and they shouldn't end their friendship over Nikki's sneaking out after curfew. When Alicia's dad is rushed to the hospital due to dizziness. Nikki's father returns from the convention and treat Mr. Alcott. He recovers and asks if there was anything we can to repay him. Alicia suggest that he should let her still hang out with Nikki and he agrees. But, Mr Alcott told Dr. Merrick about Nikki breaking curfew and she is grounded for her actions. Mr. Alcott stated that Nikki was a terrible house-guest, but a good friend to Alicia.

In Flawed Logic, Nikki grew jealous when her former crush Ryan Frankel had developed a crush on Alicia.

In No Means No!, Nikki reveals to Alicia that she was almost raped by Devon MacGregor, which shocks Alicia. Alicia suggested that Nikki should tell someone, but Nikki refuses. Alicia worries that Devon will stalk her and taunt her. She tells Susan Jennings about what happened to Nikki. The next day, an angry Nikki confronts Alicia about what happened to her last night. Alicia explains to her that what Devon did to her was wrong. Nikki called her jealous. Alicia snapped back at her recalling the time Nikki was molested by a substitute teacher in middle school. That made Nikki realize that if she didn't report what Devon did, Devon would target someone else. To avoid it happening again, she and Nikki report Devon to Mrs. Castelli.

In Holy, Mole-y, Alicia grew scared for Nikki when ginormous mole maybe cancerous. Alicia reveals her cancer scare to her. Nikki was there to comfort Alicia after she was humiliated by Mrs. Crawford in front of her Biology class and got into an blowout with her parents.

In Behind the Dancer, Nikki tries to warn Alicia the dangers of eating disorders.

In New Girl in Town, Nikki recalls the day she met Alicia when they were little girls. Nikki were seen decorating Alicia's locker for her birthday. She runs off to hide when Alicia was heading towards her locker, and come back to surprise her as she approached it. Nikki wishes her a happy birthday. Alicia shows them the gifts her parents got her, and she tells them how her mom gives her a ring because she's grown up. Alicia shows Nikki a necklace that Ryan Frankel gives her. Nikki stated that Ryan likes her. Nikki doesn't tell her that she and their other friends, Sierra and Kristy are throwing Alicia a awesome sweet 16th birthday.

Second Arc

In Back to School Again, Nikki tells Alicia that Matt Wright was to go out with her. Alicia tells Nikki to end her pursuit with Matt because guys don't like it when girls chase after them.

In The Divorce, Alicia and Nikki faces devastation; Alicia was saddened over Mr. Niles' departure while Nikki was hurt over her parents' divorce announcement.

In Give Us Strength, Nikki returns to Silver Hills after learning that Alicia's father was admitted to the hospital. She asked Sierra and Kristy what happened, they tell her Mr. Alcott got sick after the Fourth of July weekend. Then at the Alcott household, Alicia revealed to Nikki that her father has terminal colon cancer. Nikki is shocked and devastated for Alicia and she hugs her. Alicia blamed herself for not being there for her father and not seeing the signs of what was wrong with him. That made Nikki shed tears, thinking that it wasn't Alicia's fault. The two hugged again as Nikki comforted her. Then a month later, Nikki is at the Alcott house celebrating Alicia's 22nd birthday to cheer her up following Mr. Alcott's cancer diagnosis. Mrs. Alcott tried to impersonate her husband's terrible Happy Birthday song to Alicia. Nikki and Alicia were seen laughing. Then Alicia calls Nikki and informs her that her father's condition had taken a turn for the worse and her mother was considering pulling the plug if Mr. Alcott ever slips into a coma.


  • Both were born in 1990
  • They both attended every school in the All About Us franchise.
  • Nikki had a huge crush on Alicia's older brother, Trent.
  • Nikki was suspended from school for her confrontation with Mrs. Crawford over her bullying Alicia.
  • They both left their handprints at Silver Hills High before their graduation.
  • They both have an interest in fashion.
  • They both were the love interests of one of the Wright twins.
    • However, Alicia began a relationship with Josh.
  • They both graduated from Silver Hills High in the final episode, All About Graduation.
  • Both left Silver Hills and moved to two big cities to pursue career paths, though Nikki returned to Silver Hills.
  • Both were romantically interested in Ryan Frankel, but only Alicia had a relationship with him.
  • They are both designers. Nikki designs fashion and Alicia designs jewelry.
  • Nikki was the one who talked Alicia out of leaving Silver Hills in Holey, Mole-y.
  • They both have daughters in their future.
    • Nikki has three daughters (one from her first marriage and two from her future second marriage).
    • Alicia has two daughters with Ryan Frankel.
  • They both had frictions with Amy Hunter and her cousin, Allison Holmes.
    • However, Alicia is on friendlier terms with Allison.
  • Alicia visited Nikki at Silver Hills General Hospital after she was injured in the Earthquake in Earthquake, Part 1.
  • Although Alicia was a fan of an girl pop band, Girlfriends on Ice, Nikki wasn't.
  • They both went through an tough time. Alicia with struggling with school and being bullied and Nikki with almost being date-raped and her parents' divorce.
  • They both met when Alicia first attended Silver Hills Elementary in the third grade.


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