Alicia and Dante surrounds the abusive relationship between Alicia Alcott and Dante in the Alicia Revealed series.

Relationship ProfileEdit

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  • Dante was Alicia's first relationship since she moved to L.A.
  • Both came to L.A. to pursue a career in the music industry.
  • Alicia reported Dante's abuse after he beat up her ex-boyfriend, Ryan.
  • Dante took off Alicia's necklace and threw it out the window because Ryan gave it to her as a present in first relationship, but Alicia got it back.
  • Dante tried to forcibly initiate sex with Alicia.
  • Dante made her feel better when she was feeling lonely and homesick when they got together, but she broke up due to him putting her down and abusing her.
  • Dante still abused Alicia after they broke up, because she wouldn't return the attraction and get back together with him.
  • Following her breakup with Dante, Alicia decided to focus on her main goal-- Music.
  • After he was ordered to leave Alicia alone, Dante's label dropped him and he left L.A., ending Alicia's nightmare with Dante.
  • Dante hated Alicia's friends and had a strong dislike with her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Frankel.
  • Alicia's friend, Frankie Lewis was also in abusive relationship with a male.


  • Alicia: "Dante, Fuck You!"

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