Falling for You
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Author Unknown
Illustrator Bob
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Published by Xilbris Publishing
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Homecoming The Grass is Always Pinker

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Main PlotEdit

Alicia Alcott's relationship with bandmate, Ryan Frankel doesn't come without any problems. When the two had a fight, Ryan takes off on his bike, but gets into an accident which puts him in a coma. Alicia feels guilty about the accident because she had a fight with Ryan before and now she's worried that he might not make it. Will Ryan Frankel pull through?


In an attempt to get her mind off of her parents' recent divorce announcement, Nikki Merrick begins going out with a guy with divorced parents and tells her about how he reacted to his parents' split. Is it enough to get Nikki back to her old self again?


  • Ryan is hit by an car

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