The love triangle between Alicia Alcott, Ryan Frankel, and Nikki Merrick that began in the first episode of All About Us and ended in Flawed Logic when Ryan admitted to Nikki that he likes her friend, Alicia. Ryan is the center of the love triangle.

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Nikki developed a crush on Ryan since he enrolled at Silver Hills High in the first episode of All About Us. Unknown to her, Ryan developed a crush on her best friend, Alicia after he saw her sing. Nikki began dressing like Alicia, by borrowing her leather outfits to get him to notice her. The love triangle continued until Flawed Logic when Ryan admits to her that he likes Alicia.



  • All three made their first appearance in the first AAU book.
  • Alicia and Nikki's friend, Frankie Lewis had a crush on Ryan.
  • Nikki had a huge crush on Ryan in the first few episodes before he told her that he likes Alicia.
  • This is the first love triangle Nikki was been in with her crush and her friend. The second was with Matt Wright and Sierra Jennings.

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