A New Grade is the twenty-eighth book in the All About Middle School series. It is also the first book in the 8th Grade Arc.


The girls return from summer break to find changes in their school. Kristy is now the captain of her girls' basketball team; Sierra has a new hairstyle; Nikki has joined the fashion club; and Alicia is being bumped off the status as the best dancer in school.

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Chapter 1

Alicia Alcott arrived at Silver Hills Middle School, looking confident and older. She was now in the 8th grade, her last year of middle school. She also had a uniform upgrade, she was now wearing a short-sleeved burgundy polo top and new grey pleated skirt with a Orange studded peace sign pendant necklace, along with black and orange rubber bracelets. She was the quirky with an eccentric style. “Hey, Alicia!” a girl’s voice called out. Alicia knew who’s voice it was. She turned her head and sees Sierra Jennings, her long time friend. “Sierra!” She ran to Sierra and hugged her. “How’s your summer?” Alicia asked excitedly. She hasn’t seen Sierra all summer because she was on a summer vacation with her family. Alicia counted Sierra lucky that she get to go on a summer family vacation, while she was stuck in Silver Hills, going to summer school with Nikki. “It was great! You should have seen Palm Springs. It was beautiful. My dad played golf while my mom, Will, and I were shopping.” “Why is your sister called Will? It’s a boy’s name.” “Will’s short for Willow. Duh!” The girls were walking up the steps of SHMS (Silver Hills Middle School), talking about their summer and what’s going to happen in their 8th grade year. Sierra noticed Alicia’s Crystal Studded Rainbow Initial Ring. “Cool ring,” she said. “Thanks. I got this at Claire’s.” “Who?” “It’s a new store at the mall.” “That explains where you got your peace symbol necklace from.” As the girls talked, Kristy Castelli meets up with them. She was looking tomboyish as ever. She had her dark brown hair in an up ponytail and was wearing her uniform top with plain grey jeans and Nikes. She also had a boyish watch on her left wrist. She also had her new black backpack.